Star Wars and Porsche team up for production in Germany

Interstellar Dream Team

What happens when pop culture’s most beloved movie series teams up with the planet’s most iconic sports car brand? (Sorry Ferrari but being based in Germany makes us biased). You get Star Wars and Porsche joining forces into a dream team undertaking the unique project of designing a fantasy spacecraft. This is the first time Porsche and Star Wars have collaborated and for this ground breaking project they formed a special group called, The Designer Alliance. The team’s goal was to conceive a new spaceship blending design elements from some iconic Star Wars ships. Fighters like the X-wing, Y-wing and U-wing as well as Porsche’s newest model, the luxury EV, Taycan. A primary aim was to to construct something that could live in both worlds blending real world designs with cinematic fantasy elements. The final result was released at the Los Angeles world premiere of the latest Star Wars film Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. They named their creation the Tri-wing S-91X Pegasus Starfighter, and it looks amazing.

Some Media big guns teamed up for this project including Disney, Wired, Condé Nast of course the film’s producers, Lucasfilm. We came on board providing production service on the production of a special behind the scenes look at how the finished starship came to be. They sure needed more than a local German fixer and producer on this project and we provided full production services including top notch local crew only befitting a prestigious project like this. This was a dream shoot for some of our team since unsurprisingly a lot of people in this business are massive Star Wars geeks. You can check out the film below but watch this space because rumour has it that we might see see this intergalactic sports car in future Star Wars movies or spin off TV shows. Who knows maybe The Mandalorian might take it for a spin one day, here’s hoping.