2018 Bring It On

Booming Year Ahead for German Production Service

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The German film and TV industry is on track to have a great year in 2018 according to this article about the strength of the German market from the IFTA (Independent Film and Television Alliance) Click here. Well bring it on! The start of this year has already been a boomer and we’re ready to take on even more exciting and challenging projects going forward in 2018. It was a stand out year in 2017 for Cinevision we had the good fortune to work with a lot of great people on a wide range of marvellous projects. Work was all over Germany but the usual hot spots like Frankfurt, Hamburg, Cologne, Munich and Germany’s location jewel Berlin were always in demand. We provided top quality production service to clients from all over the globe who came to Germany wanting a trusted partner and solid production support on their shoots. Oh, and we had a bit of fun as well.

New emerging trends we took away from last year included the predictable increase in demand for 4K. More 6K and even 8K shoots will be just around the corner for sure. Shooting and delivering on 4K is now a norm as broadcasters and online providers are able to handle these higher resolution images. It’s exciting times ahead satisfying the growing quality demands and expectations from communication professionals and the public alike. But geek talk and technology aside the thing we love about 4K is that the images we work with really are stunning to look at.

In the area of equipment and facilities there was a big hike in the demand for Drone shooting (interior and exterior). Drones are now more affordable than ever and some are so small and light that you can even take them on as hand luggage. That means occasionally productions want to shoot with their own drones on location here in Germany. But the local laws for drones changed a bit last year making it pretty difficult for international production crews to bring drones into Germany with the intention of using them for commercial filming. Cinevision to the rescue since one of our many wonderful super powers is aerial and drone shooting. That means we always have a good local solution on hand for any international producers wanting premium aerial shots and drone footage when they visit. It’s a win-win for all involved as we fly high into another year.