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Tequila Shots

Magical Location in France



Sometimes a location feels like it was custom made for shooting, a place that ticks all the boxes. Doing production service on location at Lalique in France on a commercial for Patron Tequila we discovered a modern wine cellar  that was pretty much perfection. The lighting, glass surfaces, and elegant wooden wine crates were just so photogenic that practically no embellishment was required from the lighting crew. As the popular phrase goes – it shot itself.

Total Control

Production service in Germany on challenging low light shoot

What two 4K cameras do you choose when only shooting with available light at night? It’s a no brainer to use Sony’s low light monster, the A7s II as the B camera but what about the A camera? Well, you can’t look past low light game changer the Panasonic VariCam. Paired up with some fast Arri Master Primes, the DOP used both cameras to great effect in these spots for Johnson Controls latest campaign shot in Frankfurt. Check out the results below.


Making Movies

International Fixer and Crews for Movie Premieres

Doing production service you get asked to do all sorts of interesting jobs. M-Net Movies show, La La Land came to us when they needed production services at international film premieres in London, Milan and of course Germany. There was a fixer to organise shooting at actual locations from the movies, camera crews, and production support. On the job our production team got to rub shoulders with hollywood A-listers like Tom Hanks, & Ron Howard at the Inferno junket, red carpet and premiere not to mention the stars of Harry Potter blockbuster spin-off, Fantastic Beasts.


Flying High

Aerials and Cows in the Alps

Everybody wants premium locations for their Aerial shots. We found paddocks in Bavaria full of curious cows in the Alps and provided the best aerial drone shooters we know for Lidl’s Alpine campaign.